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Uchi (home)

Inge Flinte
This event has concluded
Dates: -
Entry Fee: Free
Genres: Photojournalism/Documentary

Uchi (Japanese for home), arose out of a yearning to create a portrait of home. A picture of its beauty and imperfections, one of feelings, colours, seasons, light and food. I have wanted to portray my multiple homes through the residue of the life they contain.

My eye is drawn to things that are often ignored or overlooked. A weed growing through the pavement, the way pegs shimmer in the light on a drying frame. In this body of work, I portray the homes behind the details they are so intimately involved with, seeking to capture a fragment of what remains when the person to whom they relate has gone.

The act of ‘note-taking’ is where my studio practice begins. It is a continual process of collecting different marks, colours and textures that populate my everyday life. The marks and colours I use in my paintings are borrowed; I take them, document them, and displace them into a piece of work. They originate from simple acts throughout every day – taking the children to school, an excursion to the playground, watching the light pass through the leaves as I walk home from the market, the endless scuff marks on an old wall, the colour of a flowering jacaranda against the bright blue sky. I’m continually seeking to observe and capture the rhythm of a season and the geography I inhabit.

Through my work, I am trying to make sense of my movement, in the larger sense, of physical displacement from loved ones and communities to my own interactions with the immediate geography.

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Inge Flinte is a painter and photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. Nomadic by circumstance, Flinte and her family have lived in five different countries. The daughter of immigrant parents from opposite ends of the world, her work is often centred around ideas of home.

This event has concluded
Dates: -
Entry Fee: Free
Genres: Photojournalism/Documentary
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