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9 Inspiring Father’s Day Gifts

  • Head On Foundation

Image detail: Demetris Koilalous, “Untitled” (Head On Photo Festival 2018) With Father’s Day right around the corner, what’s a better gift than a photo print or coffee table book from Head On? Your dad might want to indulge his artsy side, or may just need something to fill that blank bit of wall in his man-cave. […]

Top 10 video cameras of 2022

  • Head On Foundation

While nearly all cameras on the market can shoot video, it often feels like a last-minute feature tacked on with no real thought going into the feature’s usability, effectiveness and quality. So, Head On has assembled a list of cameras with outstanding video capabilities that will suit any practitioner. No matter the project, no matter the […]

Top 6 photo editing apps to use in 2022

  • Head On Foundation

Image credit: Lulu Pinkus, Head On Mobile Awards 2019 These days smartphones can take excellent images. But sometimes, a photo is only as good as your editing software. Transferring your images from your phone to your computer to then upload them into Photoshop feels so ’10 years ago’.  So, the Head On team has made […]

How not to lose 2 years worth of photos

  • Benjamin Lee

  Originally published 4 June 2018 on by Benjamin Lee I LOST TWO YEARS WORTH OF PHOTOS Yep – my entire 2014-2015 archive of photos and videos is gone. In a rush of night-before-my-flight packing, I mistakenly took the wrong hard drive for my Vegas & NYC trip. In hindsight, it was an easy mistake to […]