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15 portrait photographers you should know
Atong Atem

15 portrait photographers you should know

  • Head On Foundation

While we all know the Annies and Richards of portrait photography, portraiture has expanded way beyond images of celebrities.

Motherhood minus men
Amy Woodward

Motherhood minus men

  • Saskia McCarthy

Open any art history book, and you’re bound to encounter depictions of motherhood. Remember Duccio’s Madonna and Child? Fast forward to the 21st century, and you’d think that artists have exhausted all representations of motherhood. Well, not quite.

AI photography: a non-descript human’s take

  • India Urwin

Boris Eldagsen’s image PSEUDOMNESIA: The Electrician won the Sony Photo Award. The twist? The image was an AI creation. Boris promptly rejected the win and, in an interview, admitted he was a “cheeky monkey” and that he only submitted the image to spark debate – well, let me oblige you, Boris. 

Drag, disguise, and happenstance with Pierre Dalpé

  • India Urwin

There are many defining moments in queer history; the stonewall riots, the first Mardi Gras, when homosexuality was no longer declared a mental illness, or closer to home, in 2017, when gay marriage was legalised in Australia.  
Canadian photographer Pierre Dalpé captures one such moment – the infamous Wigstock festival, a summertime Drag festival which took place annually from 1985 and 2001 in NYC. 

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