Portrait From the Edge at Sydney Theatre Company Walkway

Jon Lewis
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Entry Fee: Free, donations welcome

Portraits from the Edge. Kiribati (Putting a Face to Climate Change)

The small Republic of Kiribati, consisting of 33 atolls and situated in the Equatorial Pacific, is slowly and surely going down. Storm surges, freaksih waves, salination of fresh water wells and lands, unpredicatble weather and tidal increases are all contributing to the country’s physical demise. 30-40 years is all they have left.

As yet, there is no policy from industrial countries or the UN as to our collective responsibilities to people such as the I Kiribati. Where will these environmentally displaced poeple migrate to, and how many will there be? Who will be their host countries?

The I Kiribati, literally on the very edge, are the most vulnerable of peoples living with climate change. What we are looking at is the eventual extinction of a distinct race of people, through loss of their home lands and with it, their vibrant social system and culture. This is irreversible.

Wharf Two Gallery
Sydney Theatre Company
The Wharf
Pier 4/5, Hickson Road
Walsh Bay

This event has concluded
Entry Fee: Free, donations welcome
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