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Kyle Hoffmann
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Poppies hold incredible symbolism, representing peace and death in many cultures throughout history. In ancient Greece and Rome, the flowers were offerings to the dead, and have been used to source opium since early civilisation.

Today we mainly know poppies as a symbol of remembrance. The flowers flourished in the churned soil in the First World War, representing peace and rebirth in an otherwise devastated landscape.

Drawing from the poppy’s powerful history and meaning in modern Australian culture, this exhibition highlights the incredible beauty of strength and fragility.

Please check with the venue for up to date information about COVID-19 restrictions before visiting.

Born in Racine, Wisconsin, USA and currently living and working in Sydney, Australia. Kyle studied Visual Arts at University Wisconsin Parkside. His work is inspired by anthropomorphism and how objects are represented in different cultural contexts. He is fascinated by how the human mind crafts meaning from the inanimate world and how the viewer’s personal history shapes that experience.

This event has concluded
Entry Fee: Free
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