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Head On at 107

Organiser: Head On Foundation
Free Event
Wizard Tang
This event has concluded
Location: 107 Redfern St, Redfern Street, Redfern NSW, Australia
Entry Fee: Free
Join us for our special opening of Head On at 107!
Come for great conversation and insights from some of the exhibiting artists.
Food and drink will be available to purchase at 107 Redfern.

Head On at 107

Head On at 107 draws together the work of local and international photographers, all working in diverse photographic styles. Comprising several distinct photo series, the works have been selected to sit together yet stand apart, representing different approaches, styles and, above all, different ways of seeing. The following photography series explore themes of identity, time, connection to place, cultural tradition and expression and the photography medium itself. Through a lens, the world can look very different.

Head On at 107 presents the work of Christian Sprogoe, Joanna Madloch, John Dobson, Luiza Michalewicz, Rico X., Robin Shaw and Wizard Tang. Accompanied by Jane Fitzgerald, Jiang Lei, Simone Gorman-Clark, Swen Bernitz, Wendy Aldiss, Yvonne Dalschen and Zhanghaibin.

Christian Sprogoe – Naadam – A race across a nation

Joanna Madloch – Gods in the City

John Dobson – Still life inspired by Dutch Golden Age

Luiza Michalewicz – Ballerines in Ruins

Rico X. – The stubborn boys

Robin Shaw – Nights in June

Wizard Tang – Blow-up 00:00

Accompanied by:

Jane Fitzgerald – See the faces inside us

Jiang Lei – The white black dreams

Simone Gorman-Clark – Undergrowth

Swen Bernitz – The photographer’s house

Wendy Aldiss – My Father’s things

Yvonne Dalschen – Ghosts of the Manhattan Project

Zhanghaibin – It’s your turn

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