Taro Karibe
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Senji Nakajima, 61 years old, has lived with ‘Saori’ for six years in his apartment in Tokyo, Japan.
They hang out, go shopping, sleep in the same bed. The only one thing different from any other couple is the fact that Saori is actually a life-size ‘love doll’. Nakajima, married with two children, who lives away from home for work, first started his life with Saori 6 years ago. At first, he used to imagine that the doll was his first girl friend, and used it only for sexual purposes to fill the loneliness, but months later, he started to believe that Saori actually has an original personality, like the sculptor Pygmalion who fell in love with the ivory- made Aphrodite, in Ovidius’s ‘Metamorphoses’ story.
‘She never betrays me, and isn’t only after money. I’m tired of modern rational humans. They are heartless. For me, she is more than a doll, not just silicon rubber. She needs much help, but still is my perfect partner who shares precious moments with me and enriches my life.’
In the history of mankind, the definition of human-nature has always been keep over written by tools and technologies. For instance, car made human to move faster, and phone increased enabled instantaneous long distance communication. Now, AI and humanoids started to affect to the core part of human-nature, such as emotion and heart, that are believed to be universal and unreplaceable. For me, the emergence of the super real doll is the symbol of human identity crisis in near future.

Taro Karibe (b.1988) is a Japanese photographer based in Tokyo, Japan.
Afer he studied Psychology at Nanzan University in 2012, he started working for a
fnancial institution. In 2015, he started a career as a freelance Photographer in Tokyo, Japan.
His main concern is to document social issues from psychological/philosophical perspective, and extract
social system structure/modern human identity, by using camera as a tool. His works have been
published internationally in publication such as Te New York Times, British Journal of Photography,
Te Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Der Spiegel, Te guardian and so on.
He is the winner of PDN Photo Annual, PX3 Te Prix de la Photographie Paris in 2017 and Critical Mass Top 50 in 2016.

This event has concluded
Entry Fee: Free
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