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HETEROTOPIA ; the Promised Land

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«Heterotopia ; the Promised Land»
Literally speaking «Heterotopia» is defined as the ‘other’ space: an underlying layer beyond reality –an ultimate space of meaning behind the world of appearances and definitions.

«Heterotopia» is the mirror image of an authentic: at the same time existent and fictional. Foucault’s Heterotopia is the point where Utopia meets reality and does not refer solely to a specific physical geographical space, but rather to a space of underlying relationships of culture and power, which determine contemporary societies

«Heterotopia» looks at what has been accomplished in contemporary Israel in the name of the Promised Land. The transformation, and the domestication of the hostile Palestinian desert, has not only been only a major physical achievement. It has also been a philosophical and a political accomplishment, where Memory, History and Religion, as well as the institutions which sustain them (like Museums, Synagogues, Cemeteries, Schools, Army Camps, Public Feasts etc) have been playing a major role in the creation, the reproduction and the consolidation of national and political identity, in a system where Israel stands opposite the Land of Promise as its mirror image –or vice versa
Towards an understanding of the evolution of contemporary Israel, “HETEROTOPIA” attempts to raise questions about relationships of culture, power and authority.

Demetris Koilalous lives in Athens-Greece, where he has been working as a freelance photographer, specializing in portrait and theatre photography.
His recent works:«Lebanese notebook; AntiParadise», «CAESURA the duration of a sigh» and «Heterotopia ; the Promised Land» have been exhibited worldwide -Athens, Montpellier, Dublin, Cardiff, Tbilisi, New York, SntaFe, Kuala Lumpur, Chios island, Toulon, Vilnius etc- and have won numerous awards between 2015 and 2017.
His works are found in private collections and in the collection of the Museum of Photography of Thessaloniki.

This event has concluded
Entry Fee: Free
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