Feature Shoot Emerging Photography Awards

Winners of Feature Shoot Emerging Photography Awards
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The 3rd Annual Feature Shoot Emerging Photography Awards is an international photography competition for up-and-coming image makers.
Feature Shoot showcases the work of international emerging and established photographers who are transforming the medium through compelling, cutting-edge projects. With contributing writers from all over the world and a wide range of interests, they feature contemporary work in all genres of photography: fine art, documentary, portrait, still life, landscape and more.

Moshe Rosenzveig, Creative Director & Lead Curator of Head On Photo Festival, handpicked three photographers from the Feature Shoot Emerging Photography Awards submissions to exhibit at the festival. Moshe selected Johanna-Maria Fritz, Paul Shiakallis and Alexander Anufriev. All three bodies of work, he says, are connected by themes surrounding cultural freedom.
Alexander Anufriev – Russia Close-Up
I grew up in modern Russia—I never saw the Soviet Union behind the Iron Curtain, or experienced its censorship and propaganda. But this gap in my life experience is being rapidly filled by things that have been happening in Russia over the last few years.
Inspired by the works of Aaron Siskind, Ralph Gibson and Martin Parr, I’m trying to visualize the trends and events in Russia that I feel are important to document. To bring the image of Russia up to date and find out what defines Russia today.
Johanna-Maria Fritz – Like a bird
With the long-term documentary project Like a Bird, photographer Johanna-Maria Fritz looks at circuses in Muslim countries and the desire for freedom in areas of conflict. From a Western perspective, countries like Iran, Palestine or Afghanistan are not usually associated with circuses. However, despite armed conflict and rigid religious morality, circus projects do exist in these countries.
In times of uncertainties or conflict, a circus remains a refuge; a place free of religion, nationality or skin colour.
Paul Shiakallis – Leathered Skins, Unchained Hearts – The Queens of Marok
Leathered Skins, Unchained Hearts is a photographic project about the women of ‘the Marok’, the male dominated heavy metal scene in Botswana. Botswana society is religiously conservative and patriarchal – women are expected to be submissive, decent, obedient and lady-like. The men have always been the voice of the Marok and it is much harder to be a female rocker but there are a few select women who use the Marok as a platform for self-expression, self-identity and free thought.
This event has concluded
Entry Fee: Free
© Moshe Rosenzveig OAM

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