F@#$ the Fr@#$%

Ahmad Sabra
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Ahmad Sabra. Video work that explores stereotypes and how Muslims are viewed in Australia.

F@#$ the F@#$% is a video work that explores how Muslims are currently viewed in Australia by a large selection of the community. Based on the man’s appearance and language and the conditioning we receive, mainly from the media, the viewer might assume that the man pictured is a terrorist. The video challenges these stereotypes and prompts the audience to examine their preconceptions.

Post 9/11, I have experienced several incidents where I’ve been considered a threat because of my Arab/Muslim features, which has made me conscious of how I present myself in public, i.e. I avoid speaking in Arabic and trim my beard. The video represents how I believe I’m perceived in society and my constant need to make people around feel safe in my presence. Western powers, notably the United Kingdom and France, defined the borders in the Middle East without any regard for ethnic or sectarian characteristics, which has resulted in endless conflict and is the main reason my family migrated to Australia.

Ahmad Sabra is a Melbourne based photographer recently completed his Master of Art (Photography) at PSC. His work deals with current issues faced by the Muslim community in Australia.

This event has concluded
Entry Fee: Free
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