American Boys

Soraya Zaman
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‘American Boys’ is a bold and intuitive representation of the United States’ trans-masculine communities. New movements in queer and trans identity politics have worked to expand contemporary notions of binary gender roles, carving out spaces for more fluid and transitory identities. The photographs shine a light on what it means to be trans in America today through a series of sincere and intimate portraits of trans men at distinct stages of their transition. This body of work involved travelling to each subjects’ hometowns to photograph them within their personal surroundings. “American Boys” demonstrates a raw and honest body of work providing viewers with a snapshot into each person’s life, character and journey across the trans-masculine spectrum.

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When: 1pm Wednesday 8 May
Where: Festival Hub, Paddington Town Hall


Soraya Zaman is an Australian fashion photographer currently living in New York City. After graduating the University of Technology, Sydney with an economics degree, Soraya embarked on a yearlong journey taking them across the globe from Hong Kong to Cairo, entirely overland, with only a camera as company. This journey ignited a passion for image making and when returned, Soraya took on further studies in photography. In 2010, Soraya launched their own photography career which lead to a relocation to New York in 2013 where they now reside.

This event has concluded
Dates: -
Entry Fee: Free

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