2018 Meitar Prize for Excellence in Photography

20 Finalists
This event has concluded
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Entry Fee: Free

The Meitar Award for Excellence in Photography is a grant awarded by PHOTO IS:RAEL and the Zvi and Ofra Meitar Family Fund for excellence in the field of photography.

The award was founded in 2016 with the aim of creating an international platform for dialogue through the language of photography. For the first time, the Meitar Award Finalist exhibition has travelled outside Israel, thanks to the collaboration with Head On Photo Festival.

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The Meitar Award 2018 Finalists:
Karina Bikbulatova (Russia)
Alfredo Bosco (Italy)
Michal Chelbin (Israel)
Megan E. Doherty (USA)
Rory Doyle (USA)
John Paul Evans (UK)
Alex Farfuri (Israel)
Sagit Fridman-Hallel (Israel)
Matthew Genitempo (USA)
Naomi Harris (Canada)
Giovanni Maggiora (France)
Andriy Malakhovskyy (Israel)
Fabian Muir (Australia)
Marc Ohrem-Leclef (USA)
Camillo Pasquarelli (Italy)
Fausto Podavini (Italy)
Anastasia Samoylova (USA)
Alessio Maximilian Schroder (Italy/Austria)
Jens Schwarz (Germany)
Viktoria Sorochinski (Canada)

This event has concluded
Dates: -
Entry Fee: Free

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