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Women Photograph look to shift gender balance in photography and photojournalism

Image: Daniella Zalcman, Signs of Your Identity.

Women Photograph is an initiative that launched in 2017 to elevate the voices of female, gender nonconforming, transgender, and genderqueer visual journalists. Daniella Zalcman is the founder of Women Photograph and has been both a Head On Photo Awards Finalist and Head On Photo Festival Featured Exhibitor.

Head On Mobile Prize 2015: Daniella Zalcman, New York + London #52

The private database includes more than 500 independent women documentary photographers based in 87 countries and is available privately to any commissioning editor or organisation.

Their mission is to shift the gender makeup of the photojournalism community and ensure that our industry’s chief storytellers are as diverse as the communities they hope to represent.

Daniella Zalcman is a documentary photographer based between London and New York. She is a multiple grantee and award winner, plus a member of Boreal Collective.

While exploring, we noticed a few other Head On Photo Festival alumni amongst the pages!

Looking back to the early days of the Head On Awards and Lee Grant was a Head On Portrait Prize Finalist.


Lee Grant 

Head On Portrait Prize 2009: Lee Grant

Over the years, many female phtographers have interacted with the festival and have gone on to join Women Photograph. Claire Martin and Ying Ang  exhibited with us. Ying went on to be a Head On Photo Awards Finalist in 2012 too.

Claire Martin, Petionville Club Camp

Image: Claire Martin, Petionville Club Camp

Ying Ang

Image: Ying Ang, Built

Michaela Skovranova appeared in group exhibitions in 2014,2016 & 2017. As part of the 2017 Festival, she also gave two workshops in partnership with Olympus Australia. 

Image: Michaela Skovranova, Into View 2014

From group exhibitions, screenings, to solo shows and Head On Awards Finalists, we’ve had a variety of interactions with female photographers looking to push the boundaries of their documentary practice. In 2015 we had a screening by Ingetje Tadros, and Daniella Zalcman was a Head On Mobile Prize Finalist.

Image: Ingetje Tadros, This Is My Country

In 2016, we had a number of important exhibitions. Including Featured Exhibitions by Raphaela Rosella, supported by Beyond Empathy, Ingetje Tadros, and Daniella Zalcman . Shining bright in the Head On Portrait Prize was Morganna Magee.

Raphaela Rosella

Image: Raphaela Rosella, You’ll Know It When You Feel It

Head On Portrait Prize 2016: Morganna Magee, Daisyanna and Her Boyfriend Cam

In 2017, as a winner of the POOL Grant, Alana Holmberg, showcased Resist Laughter as part of our Featured Exhibition program and Natalie Grono was a finalist in the Head On Portrait Prize.

Image: Alana Holmberg, Resist Laughter

Head On Portrait Prize 2017: Natalie Grono, The Girls Club

It’s great to see so many Australian Women Photograph photographers interacting with our festival, pushing the boundaries for documentary photographic practices, and trying to even-out the representation of photojournalists. 

We’re still working on the program for 2018, but keep looking out for announcements as we have two exhibitions in the works with Women Photograph members! Details TBA

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Head On Photo Awards 2024

Entries to the Head On Photo Awards 2024 open in May/June.

Image detail: Gary Ramage