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As we celebrate the launch of the Festival this year, I received the sad news of the passing of Michael Nagy.

Michael had a very significant part in Head On – he hosted the very first Head On Alternative Portraits at his Woollahra gallery in 2004.

I was looking for a gallery to host a ‘rebel’ exhibition of work that was rejected by AGNSW photographic Archibald (Citibank Portrait Prize). Since I knew Michael from my work as a producer/director at SBS, I called him, and he immediately scheduled the exhibition and organised the signage and opening.

So what started as a small get together ended up with a massive opening with over 400 guests spilling into the street. It soon grew further to one of the largest photography festivals in the world.

Michael’s optimism, sense of humour and generosity contributed to the success of the event and set Head On upon its course for future success.

With the changes in the art market and the astronomical costs of running a gallery, Michael closed his galley and started working with select artists and clients.

I’ll cherish the moments we shared together and will always remember his generosity of spirit.



Top and middle images by Moshe Rosenzveig


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