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Well, what a fantastic opening week we’ve had!  It started with our amazing launch, with thousands of viewers from all around the world watching online as Osher Günsberg announced our award winners.  We absolutely loved seeing the surprise – even shock – on their faces when they heard their names.  Then our opening weekend saw the start of our online workshops, panels and artists talks. From the comments and feedback we have been receiving, it seems you are loving it all as much as we are! 

“Another great session from Julianne with a bonus of Paul’s wisdom too.  Thanks again Head On and Adobe this has been so inspiring and will encourage me to use Lightroom more…” – Emma


So for this special blog piece, we thought we would draw your attention to a few more fab workshops coming up. These are fantastic, practical workshops – which, of course, you can enjoy from your couch. (Please note that all workshops are online and the times are SYDNEY TIME).


Image credit: Jay Evans

Sony presents

First up, brought to you in partnership with Sony, who have been generous sponsors of this year’s Festival:

The power of personal photography with Matt Palmer runs on 7 May at 6pm. Matt is a strong believer in producing personal work and expressing yourself through photography so let him inspire you to undertake your own personal photography projects and show you the power they have for you and others.

Photographic inspiration and passion with Mark Galer, on 9 May at 12pm and 17 May at 6pm. Mark Galer will discuss the importance of capturing photographic narratives so that your photography becomes a journey of discovery and learning. Mark will give you lots of ideas to reinvigorate your photographic interests and provide you with invaluable tips and techniques to help you further master the craft of photography.

An extremely useful workshop for many in our community is Wedding photography when weddings are off the cards with James Day  on 9 May at 6pm. James is an experienced wedding photographer, educator and mentor who is going to go in-depth with what you need to do during this time, not to just keep yourself sane, but also to make sure you come out the other end of this with a business that is ready to flourish.

Another popular workshop is Astrophotography with Jay Evans on 12 May at 12pm and at the same time again on 16 May. Jay will take you through what makes a great Nightscape image, and everything you need to know to plan, prepare and shoot Astrophotography.


Image credit: Marcia Macmillan (shot on phone), winner – Head On Landscape Award 2020

Adobe presents

During the first week, we had a couple of presentations by Adobe evangelists Julieanne Kost and Paul Burnett.  These proved to be so massively popular, we thought we’d draw your attention to more workshops by the Adobe team that we’re sure you will love.

Take it – make it – mobile photography with Paul Burnett on 9 May at 11am Paul gives you some insightful tips and tricks on taking better photos with your phone, spending only a few minutes editing them to bring out their best. This session is for beginners of all ages.

The creative composite with Julieanne Kost on 10 May at 12pm. Join Julieanne as she demonstrates how to transform concepts and ideas into images in Photoshop using simple techniques and essentials tools to make stunning composites.

Saving lives with images with John Penn II, on 13 May at 12pm. In this fascinating session, Adobe engineer John Penn II will show how images are being used to save lives and reunite missing children with families to make the world a safer place.

Beyond the single shot with Julieanne Kost and Paul Burnett, on 14 May at 12 pm. Paul and Julieanne will help you remove technical barriers in Photoshop, expand your thinking beyond the single image, and open new possibilities for creative expression.


Image credit: Denis Smith

Olympus presents

And last but not least, Olympus are bringing us Ball of light masterclass with Denis Smith on 8 May at 6pm.  This is a fantastic tutorial on creating the ‘Ball of Light’ and improving your light painting skills. An Olympus Visionary, Denis is known as one of the world’s most prolific light painters who continues to inspire photographers of all ages and abilities to explore and push the boundaries of their own creativity.


Time zone conversions

Example 1: Sydney – 6 May 12pm 

London – 6 May 3am 

New York – 5 May 10pm


Example 2: Sydney -7 May 6pm 

London – 7 May 9am

New York – 7 May 4am


We do hope you enjoy some or all of these events.  And a big thank you goes out to all our sponsors for their support.

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Head On Photo Awards 2024

Entries to the Head On Photo Awards 2024 open in May/June.

Image detail: Gary Ramage