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The popularity of the ‘selfie’ owes its beginnings in the humble art of portraiture, and though advances in digital photographic technology and social media have played a large role in the popularity and reach in this form of self expression, it doesn’t take away from the universal human desire to capture the essence and form of a person for posterity. 


It is because of this desire for remembrance and technology that we know how prominent figures in history looked, and how people from a bygone era once appeared. Luckily for us, portrait photography is no longer reserved for the wealthy and upper class, and is now largely accessible to people regardless of race, gender, socio economic standing or location; which is a founding principle in the Head On Photo Festival’s ethos of operating with integrity, inclusivity and promoting the work of photographers regardless of what stages in their career they may be. 


In more recent times, challenges to the notion of ‘what constitutes a portrait photograph’ is pushing the boundaries of established photographic thinking, and examples of this can be seen in past submissions to the Head On Photo Festival – which makes the future of portrait photography both unknown and exciting!


Submissions into the 2016 Head On Photo Festival’s Portrait Prize are now open! Entry to the Head On Photo Festival Portrait Prize is AUD$30 (approximately US$21) per entry and finalists costs are covered by Head On Photo Festival (printing, mounting, gallery hire, publicity). Photographers are invited to submit up to 5 images that meet the Head On Photo Festival’s Portrait Prize Terms and Conditions, with all money raised from the entry fee put directly back into the Festival. 


What are you waiting for? Submit your best portrait photographs now!



Image credit: Joe Wigdahl, 2014 Head On Portrait Prize Winner


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Head On Photo Awards 2024

Entries to the Head On Photo Awards 2024 open in May/June.

Image detail: Gary Ramage