Untitled #1 (Fish) by Nina Ross 

The Moving Image category represents the new frontier of photo-artistry, and we want to you to show us what’s never been seen before. It is a category of new ideas and new mediums of expression. 

The technological developments over the past half a century alone have ushered in a new era of artistry so varied and prodigious the mind boggles.

In such an expansive technological age, concept is king. Whether capturing the world around them or creating a brand new one, the artist is no longer constrained by a medium or style to express themselves. 

The understanding of photographic and artistic principles born behind a camera are now being catapulted from frame to screen, from static to the moving.

Stanley Kubrik moved from stills to movies in 1951.

Head On 2014 Moving Image winner Nina Ross said ‘it was a natural trajectory to move from photography to video. I was able to utilise and build on my skills such as having an understanding of composition, light and storytelling but add a new component- the moving image.’ 

As technology develops, our notion of ‘art form’ is so flexible that moving image is but another step in a momentous evolution. Camera manufactures such as Olympus are now seamlessly fusing photography and videography disciplines into one body. Where this technology will take us is anyone’s guess.

Head On sits at the cutting edge of photo-artistry as it continues to push boundaries. The Moving Image prize is one of many ways we achieve this.


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Head On Photo Awards 2024

Entries to the Head On Photo Awards 2024 open in May/June.

Image detail: Gary Ramage