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This week, as part of our series on collectives, we are looking at another wonderful international street photography collective – Women in Street (WiS).

Set up in 2016 by Casey Meshbesher, Women in Street was initially a hashtag movement to raise the visibility of women in the Street genre. Casey explains that visibility for female artists at the time was only about 10%, both online and in print. Through the actions of WiS and other agencies that have sprung up from the movement, those numbers now reach 50%. 

Casey tells us that WiS operates as an organisation/community where contributors and leaders come and go. The term ‘collaborative’ better describes how WiS functions. With thousands of participating submitters, the term ‘member’ might better describe a core group of several hundred of the most active participants. 

Women in Street’s mission has evolved to maintain that hard-earned presence of women in the street genre and function as a community, a resource platform, and a networking hub. That is no mean feat since WiS is currently managed by only two people, namely Casey Meshbesher and Julia Coddington

You can find more details about the collective through their website and

We’ll share more information about Women in Street and other collectives in Head On Interactional, our online magazine due to launch later this year – so be sure to look out for that.

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