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Image credit: Juliet Taylor

As part of our series on collectives, we’re delighted to have caught up with Simon Harsent, Sean Izzard and Juliet Taylor – all members of the Australian collective – the Pool Collective.

Formed in 2008 by Sean and Simon, Pool Collective comprises eight photographers, all with a commercial background.  They define the collective as both an agency and a production company.  Their website explains that they: “assemble customised teams that are adaptable and scalable according to the demands and goals of each project.”

To achieve this, all Pool members work in very different styles, with no “cross-over” between artists. Sean says this distinction is almost a pre-requisite of being a member. It allows them to work easily together on commercial projects and on their personal and group work, each bringing their distinctive traits to the table.  The personal work cements the group.

Landscape of Notts County FC

Image credit: Simon Harsent

Pool primarily exists to support, inspire and motivate its members.  Juliet explains that working in photography can be an isolating experience, but unlike in traditional agencies, the members of Pool Collective really do look after one another.  Simon also highlights the importance of support, especially during these stressful Covid times.

We’re glad to hear that they are all currently keeping busy with an ongoing group project which they hope to exhibit soon.  We’d sure like to be able to see that in person in the near future!  Fingers crossed.

Thanks to the group for chatting with us.

Stay safe and well.  We are currently working on our online magazine Head On Interactional, where you’ll be able to read more about Pool and other collectives when we launch the first edition later in the year.

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Image credit: Sean Izzard

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