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Medium: Vinyl is open for entry

This year, the Hardware Gallery joins Head On to invite photographers to take part in their annual Medium: Vinyl exhibition which encourages photographers to make art on a vinyl record.

“Every year, we find a lot of artists use it as an opportunity to try something new, or experiment a little with their work,” said Lew Palaitis, Director of Hardware Gallery.

“Working on a set format that’s round and designed for something different (i.e. listening to) seems to push artists outside their comfort zones a little – something we encourage with a lot of our large group shows.
“We are expecting that some may simply choose to present their photography mounted onto the vinyl record as a base, where others may push to explore taking new photos that engage with the circular. Several have already suggested they may take a conceptual inspiration from the music on the record itself and create a visual relationship with it.

“Even more excitingly, one photographer has already told us that he is experimenting with producing a photographic image directly on the vinyl. We encourage all approaches.”

Twelve inch vinyl can be obtained from the gallery. For more information and registration forms visit

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Head On Photo Awards 2024

Entries to the Head On Photo Awards 2024 open in May/June.

Image detail: Gary Ramage