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Featured Finalist: Natasha Murray

“Since I Left You”

Day #365 is a finalist image in the 2013 Head Off Landscape Prize.

Titled Day #365 it is part of an ongoing series called “Since I Left You” and was taken through a hotel room window, 25 floors up, in Hong Kong during Summer last year. I remember it was a stinking hot day, very humid, and it had rained briefly (you can see raindrops on the top right hand side of the image) but that only seemed to make it hotter. I was flying home later that evening so was keeping one eye on the weather while packing when I shot this image. 

As an undergrad I studied printmaking – majoring in etching and lithography. So when I switched to photography years later that idea of line and texture being part of the composition stuck. In fact they are the main focuses of my photographic practice.

Line was definitely the driver for my finalist image. Covering the window were these strange curtains, like silk strings and the air con had parted them in such a way that they clumped together in bars overlaying the view of the buildings outside. 


Natasha Murray is an emerging documentary/art photographer who lives and works in Sydney, Australia. Majoring in Printmaking, she studied Visual Arts at the South Australian School of Art (Uni SA), before moving to London. In 2004 she graduated from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) with a post-graduate degree in Arts Administration. In 2012 her work was included in Instaburb: 50 Images of Australian Suburbia, the first curated book on Australian mobile photography. Natasha has exhibited in group shows in Sydney and Melbourne, and her work is held in private collections in Australia, New Zealand and Norway. In 2012 she was a finalist in the 23rd Muswellbrook Photographic Award and the 61st Blake Prize.

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Image detail: Gary Ramage