Elena Zhukova: Dreams

The purpose of my photographs is to illustrate the magnitude and vast range of human character and individuality in fictitious ways. I draw parallels between individuals I meet or see in real life and cartoon-type characters I envision in my fantasies. Some ideas are inspired by paintings, some are based on movies and books and some find their roots in the depth of my imagination without correlation to any of existing forms of media I know of. On the same note, I find listening and communicating with kids to be essential for my creative process. I often try to put myself in shoes of my three year old son to understand his perspective of the world, which is undeniably more “unorthodox” then the one of the most adults I get to meet. I purposefully avoid composite images because they take away the fine pallet of emotions present at the setting. I find that modern equipment and tools available to me are sufficient to distort reality and perspective in every necessary way.

Each photograph in the “Dream” series was inspired by a song of Radiohead’s album In Rainbows.

See more of Elena Zhukova’s work at www.elenazhukova.com.

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Head On Photo Awards 2024

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Image detail: Gary Ramage