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After great sucess in last year’s Head On Photo Festival, ‘Double Trouble: Exposing Women in Street’ is now on display in Brisbane! Visit New Farm Riverwalk (between Howard Smith Wharves and New Farm) before 28 March to see this fantastic collection of images. 

‘Double Trouble’ is a first-of-its-kind exhibition at Head On Photo Festival, presenting the work of contemporary women street photographers from around the world.

‘Double Trouble’ is an exhibition of diptychs, where each work consists of two paired images by two different photographers. This format provides an alternative to the conventional structure of street photography exhibitions, which are usually based on the primacy of the single image.

By pairing two images as a diptych, we are able to tell a more complex story than with a single image, enhancing the viewer’s experience of the work. The work presented is also representative of the different styles of contemporary street photography. ‘Double Trouble’ is a collaboration between Women in Street and the Unexposed Collective. The exhibition is curated by Julia Coddington and Rebecca Wiltshire, co-founders of the Unexposed Collective.



Women in Street and Unexposed Collective provide platforms to showcase the work of women, NB and intersex street photographers. The creation of these groups was a response to the domination of the male voice in street photography. This reflects the founders’ determination that as street photography grows in popularity, women are not left behind, either as a consequence of casual or institutional sexism or due to our own fears about putting our work and ourselves forward.


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Head On Photo Awards 2024

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Image detail: Gary Ramage