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Photo: Morganna Magee

Oh what a Festival! We hope you enjoyed it and saw some amazing work by our local and international artists. For us, things have calmed down, we’re getting a full night’s sleep and have some time to wander through the wide world of photography.

First up, congratulations to all the foundation members of the newly formed Australian photography collective LuminaDonna BaileyChloe BartramJessie BoylanAletheia CaseyAnna Maria Antoinette D’AddarioLyndal IronsMorganna Magee and Sarah Rhodes. Six of the members have exhibited in the festival or as finalists in the Head On Awards. We wish everyone all the best and look forward to seeing what you accomplish together. 

We’ve come across some fascinating pieces – a few of the office favourites are:

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The whole team recommends Grant Scott’s article What is the role of the 21st century post-digital photographer? on Witness. Discovered by Lauran, it really struck a chord with her.

I think, as time goes on and the media becomes more and more global, inclusive, and extensive, the role and duty of a photographer become harder to define. This was a conversation I heard (and had) many times during the festival. What does it mean to be a photographer? What duty of care do I have to my subjects and to the story I’m trying to tell? For me, this article summed up the level of power photographers have and the irrefutable duty or responsibility they have to their subjects, stories and ultimately, to themselves.

Interesting? Let us know what you think!

Until next month,
Head On Team