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Behind the exhibition: part 4

Featured Program
Organiser: Head On Foundation
Free Event
Diana Nicholette Jeon
This event has concluded
Entry Fee: Free, donations welcome

The fourth and final instalment of our exciting series of artists talks by Featured exhibitors at this year’s Head On Photo Festival.

In this dynamic session, Anastasia Shubina and Timofey Glinin, Nina Welch-Kling, Diana Nicholette Jeon and Phil Bayly, will take you beyond their images into how and why they tell the stories that they do.

Register for the livestream event here.

Anastasia Shubina and Timofey Glinin

Anastasia Shubina and Timofey Glinin’s Amanita muscaria explores the ironic duality of admiration and horror that is exhibited towards this species of mushroom and its many cultural and historical uses and associations. And how these responses reflect our ever-shifting perception of folk traditions and magic.

Anastasia Shubina and Timofey Glinin studied fine arts together at St Petersburg University before settling in Germany, founding the arts association GLISH and the Necrofuturist Movement. Shubina is interested in mythology, anthropology and historical trauma, while Glinin explores futurism, transhumanism and modern science. 

Nina Welch-Kling

Nina Welch-Kling’s series Duologues is a play between two images creating meanings belonging to neither – a discovery process that each viewer interprets differently. Reminiscent of synchronicity, an idea that describes meaningful coincidences, her pairings intentionally produce uncanny relationships.

A New York City-based photographer from a small town in Germany, Nina Welch-Kling combines an academic background in architecture and design with a passion for capturing everyday street life. She has won or placed high in multiple LensCulture awards and published her work internationally.   

Diana Nicholette Jeon

Diana Nicholette Jeon’s series River of woe represents Diana’s  heartwrenching attempt to process a tumultuous period in her marraige. In telling only one side of a two-person tale, The river of woe simultaneously reveals and occludes.

Diana is an award-winning, internationally exhibited contemporary artist living and working in Honolulu. She is most known for addressing personal narratives and the modern American female identity. 

Phil Bayly

Of his series The view outside, Phil Bayly says “There is another world outside, and how we think influences how we see it. To quote Anis Nin, “we don’t see things as they are; we see things as we are.””

South Australian-born, Sydney-based Phil Bayly has travelled and exhibited worldwide since the 1970s. After vice-chairing the collective Kick Arts in far north Queensland, he is now based in Sydney, working on personal projects such as self-published artist books. 

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