AddOn is a non-competitive, anonymous, photographic exhibition curated by Charles McKean and Festival Director Moshe Rosenzveig.
One of the core events of Head On Photo Festival, AddOn showcases a diverse and exciting range of square images, taken by more than 100 photographers spanning professionals, artists, enthusiasts, celebrities and politicians.
Shown without any titles or photographer credits, viewers interpret the images at face value and bring their own meanings to them.
After the exhibition every participant will receive one print at random from the exhibition posted to them.
Deadline for submission is 11pm (EDT), Monday 26 March 2018
To make your entry you first need to login or create and account which you can do here.



Entry Fee and Image Specifications 

Entry Fee
The entry fee is $110 for HeadOn members and $120 for non-members to encourage you to take the $50 Head On member subscription. Entries are made online and the entry fee covers printing, installation, gallery curation and return of someone else’s picture to you.


You may only use a credit card (Visa, Mastercard or American Express) or PayPal. Processing is done by eWay or PayPal via secure connection. Head On has no access to, and does not keep, your credit card information.

Image Size
Entries should be square images, 12cm x 12cm at 300dpi saved as JPG compression level 8, in Adobe1998RGB colour space.

Important Information

The idea
The images can be from any camera or mobile device.
As always, AddOn’s image brief is open.
Exhibition information
Your picture will be printed and exhibited at 541 Art Space, 541 Kent St between 4-15 May
Exhibition Book
You can purchase a book revealing each photograph’s author.
Each photograph must be square. The exhibition images will be printed 12cm x 12cm on a wider paper. Each participant will receive a print after the end of the show.
You should not upload defamatory, pornographic, obscene, indecent, offensive or blasphemous images or images promoting discrimination, hatred or violence. Images like these will be rejected.
Images must be the work of the photographer who must hold the copyright and not infringe any else’s copyright. Copyright in the images remains the property of the photographer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can submit?
AddOn is only open to invited artists. Artists are most welcome to recommend others for inclusion.
What is the Deadline?
Deadline for submission is 11pm (EDT), Monday 26 March 2018.
How does it work?
Artists are invited to submit one or two photographs. These photographs will be printed and hung in an exhibition — completely anonymously — at the Head On Photo Festival
What’s so different?
Works are not for sale. Each work will be hung without any artist’s identification. At the end of the exhibition each artist will receive another artist’s photograph (A kind-of adult lucky dip)
Who’s picture will you get?
Your picture will, at random, be given to another photographer and you will receive someone else’s photograph. Each artist will also receive a ‘Who Got What’ listing.
How do I enter?
Image submission and payment is made online through Head On website, just click on one of the “Submit Now” buttons.

Terms and Conditions

The entrant consents to Head On reproducing the entrant’s image at no charge in all publicity and promotion of the AddOn exhibition and Head On Photo Festival inclusive of all electronic or print media at the discretion of the organisers, to be included in the exhibition catalogue(s) and to be posted on Head On website.
By entering the competition you confirm that you are the creator and owner of the work, that you have the permission of the subject or where appropriate the subject’s parent or guardian, that the work does not infringe copyright, the image was not taken in circumstances of trespass or invading anyone’s legal right of privacy, breach of industrial law or applicable industry code and does not to the best of your knowledge defame anyone nor was your conduct in taking the image likely to be misleading or deceptive and that you agree with the above Terms & Conditions.
Deadline for submission is 11pm (EDT), Monday 26 March 2018
To make your entry you first need to login or create and account which you can do here.


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Image detail: Gary Ramage