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We’re often told our addiction to smartphones is bad for our health. But could our phone’s camera be a key to our wellbeing?  Photography can allow us to express feelings we can’t put into words, foster positive emotions, develop personal insight and an authentic voice, and may help reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

The images we make, and even the ways we make them, are often symbolic, representing aspects of our subconscious mind. Tapping into our intuitive, imaginative and creative right brain helps us access memories, emotions and sensory experiences which are often blocked by our logical, analytical, verbal left brain.

The key is to let go of our need to be ‘good at art’. Instead, we emphasise the process of making images (with an open, curious and non-judgmental mind) rather than the end result. Reflecting upon our images may then help us to find meaning and resolve conflict in our life.

In this talk, art therapist and photographer Jennifer Blau discusses how we might use photography as therapy, as well as its role in art psychotherapy.

Jennifer is also running the workshop ‘Photography for wellbeing and self discovery’ on 20 May.

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