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In Head On 2014,  two photographers used Pozible to fund their exhibitions, Chris Peken and Tami Xiang.

Here is Tami’s advice on how she used Pozible to attract 36 pledges!

I was lucky enough to be a featured artist exhibiting in Head On 2014.  It was such an amazing experience, definitely an honor to exhibit my work as part of  Head On, but it was a big project for me to get enough money to put my work on the wall, as I needed to pay rent to the gallery,  print, frame and transport my work to Sydney from Perth as well as stay in Sydney. It was a very stressful time but I made it !

Crowd funding through Pozible helped a me lot, so I would like to share my experience with anyone who is interested in exhibiting in Head On 2015.

Pozible offers great tips in this link.  

Below are my extra tips.

  1. Set up your fund raising target by estimating how many friends and family you have and how many would be able to help. My target was $2,000.
  2. Clearly describe your project by using images or videos (limited to 3 minutes) instead of a long essays which might lose people.
  3.  Cleanly define the purpose of the crowd funding.
  4. The campaign period mustn’t be too short or too long. When it’s too short people might easily miss it, when too long people forget and don’t act. My campaign ran from 28 April 2014 to 16 May 2014.
  5. Promote your campaign through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, emails and word of mouth. Let as many people know as possible. Post your Pozible link and ask your friends to share and like it. Tell your friends and family that sharing the Pozible link is as important as making a donation.
  6. Keep promoting your project, you need to repost the Pozible link often.
  7. Remind your friends and family before the funding deadline just in case someone forgets!
  8. Be clear in all your messages that you only get the money if your project’s target is successfully pledged. i.e. if you don’t reach the target, even by $1, you won’t get any money. n.b.  Pozible takes percentage of what you fundraise.

This is my experience with Pozible , I hope it gives you the confidence to exhibit in Head On 2015!

Tami Xiang

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