German extreme nature photographer Adrian Rohnfelder was on a three-week trip to Indonesia when he came across the Tengger Massif – and fell in love with photographing volcanoes. His striking image won third place in the 2014 Head On Landscape Prize, exhibiting in NSW Parliament House until June 8.

We visited the Tengger Massif after our climb of Mount Semeru (seen in the background of the picture). This place is one of the most impressive on our planet. It feels a bit like Jurassic Park – you get an idea of how the earth looked millions of years ago. I could have stayed there forever. As we found a place apart from the tourist masses it was unbelievable how scenery changed every second with the rising sun.

More importantly, this was THE trip which founded my passion for volcanoes. I always liked travelling, nature and photography but from that trip on I was absolutely focused on extreme landscapes and volcano expeditions. Trips to Sicily, Hawaii, Guatemala and recently Kamchatka (East Russia) followed which finally concluded the decision to make nature photography my second source of income.

For me, this picture represents the beginning of new chapter of my life.


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Image detail: Gary Ramage