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A super useful blog about Photography and The Law – Packed full of helpful resources!

This week we’re giving you the low-down on Photography and the law. We’ve compiled heaps of resources to help you stay on the right side of it! If you’ve been wronged by Richard Prince please see below, Nate Harrison writes on how you could sue him! 

Web Resources:

Arts Law is an invaluable resource. From handy info sheets, to template model releases -it’s all here!

Most useful articles include:

Street Photographers Rights


Legal Issues for Bloggers

Social Media for Artists

Australian Copyright Council has got your copyright queries covered. Start with an Introduction to Copyright in Australia and then drill down into their content for specific queries.

The must have App:


PhotographersRights is an absolute life saver! It details your rights as a photographer in Australia, USA, Canada, UK, Japan, Spain, Italy and France! It also has sections on Copyright and Privacy.

If you’re not much of a linguist it speaks questions such as “ May I take a picture here?” in French, Japanese, Spanish, Catalan, Italian, German and even Austrian dialect!

Finally, in the Contracts section you’ll find templates for Adult Model Release, Minor Model Release and Property/Location Release – What more could you need?


If you still like your info in print then check out Setting Up a Successful Photography Business by Lisa Pritchard. This practical handbook covers everything you need to know to start your own photography business. Packed full of helpful information and advice on all the essentials from self-publicity, building a portfolio and setting up a website to terms and conditions of contracts and dealing with agents, business practice and finance, this book includes everything that a photographer needs to know to get their career off to a successful start. The book also contains useful templates for essential paperwork such as estimate forms, contracts and production sample templates- everything you need to help you get started.


Newly released, The Photography Law Handbook by Steven M.Richman looks to be a great read as it promises, “pragmatic and personal perspective on the photographers’ rights and obligations. Including copyright, privacy, and contact laws this resources provides the necessary information for lawyers and photographers alike on an ever changing arena. Lastly, the author―a lawyer and photographer―provides actual cases and situations to clarify the potential pitfalls you may encounter.”

News Articles: 

How to Sue Richard Prince and Win. Many of you will have been keeping up with Richard Prince’s lastest antics. Nate Harrison on American Suburb X says, “Artists are obligated to the images they re-use. It’s important that they do critical things with them, and not merely reproduce cultural and economic capital for the one percent while feigning comradeship with the social media masses. In this sense, it’s even more important now than in the pre-internet 1980s that artistic appropriation with a critical force exists, even if that means we have to, as Alain Badiou has suggested, become the pitiless censors of ourselves.” Read more:

How the Photo Community Would Reimagine Copyright. American Photo adresses what is and isn’t working for photographers, “Sooner or later a photographer’s work may be stolen, so its important to understand their rights and Fair Use and its limits. Fair Use is not a free pass allowing anyone to publish your work without properly licensing it.” Read more:

Finally, how Taylor Swift relaxed those crippling photography contracts on her live tour! Read more:


Here’s to happy, safe and legal photographic encounters!


Image Credit: Huffington Post / Richard Prince. 

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