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Image credit: Renée C. Byer. Check out the exhibition here and more of her work here.

We appreciate and promote incredible photography every day, but we love that there is a dedicated day that celebrates the magic of cameras and photography. We asked the team here at Head On to share their favourite exhibitions from over the years. We hope you enjoy them too! And make sure to follow the photographers’ accounts to stay up to date with their future endeavours.

Anita’s Pick

Lady and her traditional death garments

The Clothes for death Featured exhibition at last years Festival by Anna Bedynnska, documents the dying tradition of clothing preparation for death in Poland. “If we do not document this now, the next generations will be deprived of it and the knowledge will be lost”.

Anna’s Pick

Two young children laying in a claypan at Ngala Wongga

‘Levi and Keneisha in the claypan from Ngala Wongga’ was a stand out for me. The Australian photojournalist Martine Perret was included in our Paper Tigers exhibition last year. It features sixty images from sixty of the best Australian photojournalists. You can read about their work in the photobook too!

Georgia’s Pick

Children playing in their living room as the news of the Covid-19 outbreak plays on the television

Jodie Harris‘s image in the 2020 Vision exhibition is a personal favourite of mine. The exhibition contains images submitted by New South Wales photographers, sharing their challenges in 2020. Check out more of the exhibition here.

Moshe’s Picks 

Australia's First Nations injustice and police brutality

Australia’s First Nations people endure the highest incarceration rates on Earth, a tragedy that has contributed to the deaths in custody of over 400 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in the past 30 years. The installation highlighted the alarming circumstances behind these tragic deaths where accountability is unclear. Read more about the Featured exhibition and view the chilling footage shot by the prison guards, released to the public by the Coroner in the investigation of David Dungay’s death.

Paula’s Pick

Street photography of a Lady wearing a rainbow hat

Included in one of my favourite shows is this photograph by Greg Marsden. I love the light and the pop of colour in this photo and throughout the exhibition. I remember this fondly as it was one of the last shows I saw in the Blackeye Gallery in 2016. View more of the ‘All the lonely people’ exhibition here


Stephen’s Pick

collage of portraits with half faces mixed

The exhibition by Anna Fawcus ‘Mixed Emotion (M.E.)’ is a series of work that exposes an inner self portrait, rather than an external self-portrait. Our personalities are formed through our parents’ presence or absence, their actions or lack of actions, they are a significant part of who we are and who we become. View more of her work here

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Image detail: Gary Ramage