Openings and Closings for 13- 19 May

Wednesday, 13 May

Dickerson Gallery, 6pm-8pm

The Restless Waves; Meg Cowell & Kurt Sorensen

The Rocks Discovery Museum, 6pm-8pm

The Fire Burns On: Images From The Redfern Tent Embassy, Group Show

Art House Hotel, Gallery Bar, 6.30pm-8.30pm

Rescued; Warren Wilson

Thursday, 14 May

Gaffa Gallery, 6pm-8pm

Dookie Behind Doors     Serana Hunt

Golden Scars, Zelko Nedic

Decoding, Paul Snell

Small Town Girl, Elize Strydom

Gaffa Gallery Arcade, 6pm-8pm

Gentleman’s Club, Filip Konikowski

Bellevue Gallery, 6pm-8pm

Space, Mark Cushway

ArtEst, 6.30pm-8pm

Life in Still Motion | Scenes from the Pacific Shore, Gretchen Chappelle

Friday, 15 May          

Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, 6pm-8pm

Head in the Clouds – Glimpse of an Artist, Group Show

M2 Gallery, 6pm

Fringe Division   Bill Lane

Archetype Gallery (Chauvel Cinema), 7pm-9pm

Behind The Scenes of ‘One Less God’, Nelson Lau

Saturday, 16 May

X88 Gallery         2pm-4pm           

Group Show 2015            Head On Initiative-Group Show Program (curated by Lauran Vohmann)

Virgin Walls Gallery         3pm-8pm           

The Moody Blue               Peter Hill

blank_space       4pm-6pm

Without Words Emett Toms

GKJE Gallery 1,   5pm-7pm

An Internal Rumour        Marea Reed

ArtSHINE Gallery              7pm-9pm           

Stranded – Dylan Coombe            Dylan Coombe

LOWROAD Gallery           7.30m-9.30pm

True  North         Fabian Muir & Sebastien Ardon

Sunday, 17 May

Artsite Gallery   3pm-5pm

Moments in Mumbai, Bell Clark

The Word on the Street, Paula Broom

Sex/Death, and Butterflies, Mathew Wylie

Correlation, Kevin Leong

Stranded, Dylan Coombe

Tuesday, 19 May

The Roller, 6pm-8pm     

City- multi hole pinhole photographs, Keith Saunders

Leonard Mattis Studio, 6.30pm-9pm      

LAY OF THE LAND, Kiki Sjoberg

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Head On Photo Awards 2024

Entries to the Head On Photo Awards 2024 open in May/June.

Image detail: Gary Ramage