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Learn how to thrive in times of uncertainty with the dynamic duo Benjamin Lowy & Marvi Lacar, who reinvented their photographic careers during challenging times for the photographic industry. Join us for our next Head On Spotlight at 12.30 pm Wednesday 15 September (Sydney time).



Partners Lowy and Lacar own the award-winning stills and motion company ‘Lowy+Lacar’, working with brands big and small. Starting their careers as photojournalists, they saw the impact of compelling and authentic storytelling.

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Marvi Lacar

Lacar has received multiple awards for her stills and motion work, including Photo Levallois, Communication Arts, American Photography and National Geographic Wild to Inspire.

After completing a master’s degree in Journalism from the University of Texas, Marvi began her career in 2003 working as a photojournalist. She was soon represented by Getty Images, where she covered domestic and international news and feature stories for major publications including Time, New York, Stern, Paris Match, Washington Post, and the New York Times.

Lacar’s goal is to emotionally connect with her audience using creative visual language as a photographer and filmmaker. She has also created commercial work for many leading companies including NatGeo, Sony and Adidas.

Benjamin Lowy

Lowy has received multiple awards including World Press Photo, The Shorty Awards, POYi and American Photography.

Benjamin attended Washington University in St. Louis, receiving a BFA in 2002. He began his career covering the Iraq War in 2003. Since then, he has covered major stories worldwide. After a decade of covering conflict, Lowy began to expand his photographic coverage to include sports, politics, and underwater wildlife. 

Exhibitions with Head On

Arm hanging out the side of a bathtub

Marvi Lacar exhibited with us in 2014, ‘This is a love story’ is a diary of Lacar’s unravelling. As she comes to terms with the death of her father.

snow falling

Ben Lowy exhibited with us in 2013, 2014 and 2015, the exhibitions were perspectives of everyday life. Across Afghanistan, Iraq and the use of mobile photography.



Stefano Pilati in 2006, at the opening gala of the Institute's "Anglomania" exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Marvi Lacar photographed Stephano Pilati in 2006, at the opening gala of the Institutes “Anglomania” exhibit at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. For the New York Times.

Indiamara Guity styles Ayainna Volel’s hair in Dorchester, Mass

“Indiamara Guity styles Ayainna Volel’s hair in Dorchester, Mass.” featured in the Washington Post article ‘Visualizing racism’, written in 2019. Photographed by Marvi Lacar

elon musk for Fortune Magazine 2014

Photographed by Benjamin Lowy, Elon Musk “Business man of the year” for the December issue of Fortune Magazine. In LA California, November 7th 2013. SpaceX and Tesla Motors founder and CEO. Reportage by Getty Images for CNN

great white shark

Photographed by Benjamin Lowy, a great white shark, in his ‘Natural world’ project. From 2017.


Projects together

child standing on a table wearing glasses

Lowy and Lacar published ‘ABC(orona): A Family’s Anecdotal and Thoroughly Unresearched Guide to Surviving the Corona Virus Lockdown‘ in 2020. A photobook, to act as a guide to help parents cope with the challenges of lockdown. 

Screenshot of SharkFest for NatGeo

‘Sharkfest’ film for National Geographic in 2019. Documented the first-hand effects humans have on the environment and how kids can help maintain the balance in nature. 

Screenshot of A Fathers Wish for Sony

‘A Father’s Wish’ film for Sony in 2016. Produced in Cuba, the film shows Ben’s transition into fatherhood. Later winning the 2017 Telly Awards for Cinematography and Writing.


“We believe in stories that not only inform, but also pique our curiosity, inspire us, create a ripple within our communities, and make lasting impressions.”


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