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Join us for our next Head On Spotlight session with the incredible photographer Alexia Sinclair at 12.30pm Wednesday 7 July (Sydney time). This session is a must for all photographers who want to push the boundaries of photography. Alexia will discuss her methods for creating photographic artwork from start to finish, including set building, studio lighting, and shooting for composites. She will share her top tips and techniques for using Photoshop.  

Head On Spotlight sessions are free for Head On members.





Born (1976) in Newcastle, Australia. Alexia Sinclair studied Fine Arts in Sydney’s National Art School, majoring in traditional photography. Her studies in painting, drawing, sculpture and art history have heavily influenced the way that she approaches her practice.



After completing a Master of Fine Arts at the University of Newcastle in 2007, she went on to win several national awards for her MFA series ‘The Regal Twelve’. Celebrating the lives of twelve powerful women in history, the series took three years to complete and involved compiling over 2,000 plates of medium format film through hand illustration and digital montage.



She is best known for her intense colour photographs portraying historical and allegorical figures. Her elaborate compositions take on the complexities of history painting by depicting a moment in a narrative story. The abundant detail and symbolism in her work are devices that allow her to tell complex stories. Her pictures combine the elegant finesse of contemporary fashion design with the sumptuous aesthetics of the Golden Age of painting.





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Head On Photo Awards 2024

Entries to the Head On Photo Awards 2024 open in May/June.

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