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‘Mark O’Hare’ is on display as a finalist in the Head On Portrait Prize at the State Library of NSW until June 23.

My photo is from a series I made of my boyfriend during his experience of a surgical procedure and recovery.

I made before and after shots and followed him as much as possible through the hospital and recovery period. Considering he said he was rather nervous in the months leading up to the surgery date and this procedure was one of the worst things that has ever happened to him, I was fortunate he allowed me to take the photos at all.

He even had the experience of getting to the hospital, being in his gown being told the surgery was cancelled due the fact he had taken fish oil in the days prior! Fish oil thins the blood and he had to wait another two nervous months to start the whole thing all over again. 

The image I chose for Head On is the one I felt wrapped up his entire experience in one picture. Though it was a couple of weeks after surgery, his piercing look on this day told me to get on with it and leave him alone. Despite this, his determination to help me was incredibly loving even though I felt like I was the one who should be providing the love and support. The audience can imagine what they like as to why he is bandaged, but this photo represents the extent to which people will help each and what a good relationship is all about. Not feeling your best is hard enough to endure let alone allowing someone else to capture and share the photos. I am truly grateful for my relationship with such a loving and giving person.