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Featured Finalist: George Voulgaropoulos

Behind the Veil

George Voulgaropoulos is a finalist in the 2013 Head On Portrait Prize currently at the State Library of NSW until June 23.

My photographs are a personal journey into the western suburbs, a body of work delving into Sydney’s rich culture during this period of globalisation and migration. Peering behind the veil of misconception, this is a Sydney that most people will never see. I hope to also provide a glimpse into the life of the next generation of Australians living in the Western suburbs. Will this next generation of Australians hold onto their cultural heritage? Or will they be overwhelmed by the pressure to assimilate? The body of work parallels my journey as a photographer, as an observer of a culture, mirroring my own experiences as a 2nd generation Australian.


See the finalist portrait in the Head On Portrait Prize exhibition:
See his Head On exhibition IMMERSED:
See Behind the Veil series:
See his website:

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