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Featured Finalist: Alice Blanch

Box Brownie Colour Panorama #10

Alice Blanch is a 2013 Head Off Landscape Prize finalist.

I took this photograph in Tasmania last year whilst I was studying my Honours in photography. It is from a larger, on-going body of work called Box Brownie Panoramas that is a series of unique and unconventional landscape photographs.

I used photographic film in a Box Brownie camera to capture the image, no digital manipulation or layering is done to create the image; what you see in front of you is what appears on the negative. The brownie camera is my camera of choice, I love it because it is so simple and basic that it strips back all the control that you usually have when capturing a photograph (kind of like a pinhole camera but with a lens!). The Brownie camera helps me capture the ephemeral, atmospheric and magical qualities that I search for within the landscape.

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Image detail: Gary Ramage