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Thank you for registering as an Associated Exhibitor in Head On Photo Festival 2019!

 On this page you will find:

Other information available on request:

  • * Sponsorship guidelines – all sponsorship proposals must be approved by Head On Photo Festival before pursuing sponsors

Information that will be available at a later date:

  • * Logo usage, templates and guides – all marketing collateral must be approved by Head On Photo Festival before distribution
  • * A list of suppliers offering discounts to festival exhibitors

Please note; The items on this page are for Head On Photo Festival exhibitors only. Please do not share the information in these guides. 


Note: please read the Terms and Conditions carefully (updated 4 October 2018)

Q. I’ve registered my interest for a group show; what do I do now?

A. Thanks for your interest! We are meeting with the curators who will start looking at the work. We are also working out the final costs per artist. Once we have more information we will notify you.

Q. You mention the opportunity to deposit postcards in key venues, does this mean we should produce our own? If so, are there any guidelines for specs, dates for delivery or branding? How many venues?

A. This is optional for artists. If you would like to do this, you will need to produce the postcards and we would place them at the Festival Hub in Paddington 4-19 May 2019.


  • – Maximum size of DL (99 x 210mm) or 130mm x 130mm (square)
  • – The Head On Photo Festival logo must be incorporated and used according to Head On guidelines
  • – No logos of any sponsors unless pre-approved by Head On
  • – Artwork must be pre-approved by Head On before printing
  • – Please consider the environment and use recyclable products where possible
  • – They would need to be delivered to 9 Gordon Place, Bronte NSW 2024 by Friday 26 April 2019
  • – Remaining postcards can be collected from the Festival Hub on Sunday 19 May or Monday 20 May 2019
  • – Remaining postcards not collected will be disposed of on the evening of Monday 20 May 2019

Q. Please send the sponsorship guidelines

A. These are being updated and will be sent as soon as possible, but you can start the process by sending a budget and description for what you will use the sponsorship for and list of sponsors you would like to approach.

Distributed 08/10/18

Q. What is the process of finding exhibition space? / Do I need to find my own gallery?

A. You need to find an exhibition space. Many artists have used cafes, bars and shops as well as traditional galleries.

You need to be proactive in looking for your own exhibition space. Have a look at art guides for gallery names and contact details. Also, keep in mind for alternative spaces, everyone dreams of white wall gallery, but alternative spaces are often more rewarding! If you find something you like which is available, please check with us before you commit to exhibition dates.

Q. Do you have a list of galleries for who are on board?

A. We are working on a list and will distribute information as it comes to hand. Don’t feel bound by the list; you can approach any venue you feel is suitable. Please remember our focus areas are Paddington, Woollahra and Darlinghurst.

Q. I have not exhibited before, roughly how much will an exhibition cost? Prints + rent + opening event + extra promotion

A. We are preparing a list of suppliers who could give you discounts on printing and framing. This will save you 20-30% compared to exhibiting at other times. Rent in Sydney varies depending on location; it can be as little as AUD$200/w to AUD$2000/w. Venues such as cafes, bars and shops are often rent-free

We help with promotion of events after 8 May. It is important to promote your show actively especially if you are not from Sydney. If you are engaging a PR Company, please pass on the contact details to us as we coordinate all festival media.

Q. How do group shows work?

A. We have curators who look at the work accepted into the festival and then select work for a group exhibition. Each artist pays a fixed amount to cover the costs such as galley hire, curatorial fee, Head On registration fee, opening event (if there is one), graphic design, artist statements. We look for venues that are set up as exhibition spaces (rather than cafes etc.) Each artist pays for their own printing/mounting separately, and we ask artists to help with installation / de-installation.

Q. How many pictures will I get in a group show?

A. That is up to the curator and space limitations. We aim for a minimum of 6 prints per artist.

Q. How much cheaper is a group show compared to solo show?

A. The main advantage of group shows is that the venue set up for exhibitions, rental and opening nights costs are split, and having a curator to oversee the process and ensuring the final exhibition is of a good standard. Solo exhibitions can be cheaper if you don’t need to pay rent.

Q. When should I tell you I have booked a gallery?

A. You need to tell us as soon as you confirm so that we can add them to the program. Please check with us before scheduling any events, openings, book signing or artist talks – if you don’t do this, and there is a clash in the program we will not be able to promote your event! We are trying to minimise clashes and give all exhibitors the best possible experience.

Q. If I book a gallery and there is extra space to share can you put me in contact with another artist?

Q. If I felt there was another photographer’s work who compliments mine, I could be interested in a two-person show

A. Yes! Please let us know if you are interested in sharing ASAP and we’ll put you in touch with some fellow exhibitors that have been selected for Head On Photo Festival.

Q. Can you tell me a bit more about sponsorship?

A. Contact us before you contact any potential sponsors. We need to check for conflicts of interests with festival sponsors and let you know what you can and cannot offer them. We will get back to you with a response as soon as we can. Don’t forget to look for other funding models too! Grants, etc.

Q. Do all of the 10 photos that I submitted have to be included Or am I able to leave some out and add some others from the same project?

A. The exhibition must include some images from the 10 in your original submission. You can add more images from the same project (but not from a project that was not submitted or accepted into Head On)

Q. Have you ever had shows where the work is put up with magnets?

A. Yes – also pins, double-sided tape, Velcro, self-adhesives, framed/mounted with d-hooks. The choice of installation method depends on what is suitable for the work and the exhibition venue. Head On does not require work to be framed.

Q. I could bring the work in a tube

A. Yes, you don’t have to make new prints in Sydney (or anywhere) if you have exhibition quality prints ready.

Q. I would also love to give a lecture and workshop

A. We encourage artists to give talks however you must coordinate the date and time with Head On to minimise program clashes. If you are interested in running a workshop, please apply by sending an outline describing the workshop and your experience. Please note that we have limited availability to program workshops and will not be able to accommodate everyone who applies. You need to apply as soon as possible, and no applications will be considered after 18 January 2019

Q. Do I need to be there to take the work down

A. We can organise de-installation if required however, there may be a cost involved.

Q. Can you arrange the shipping of the work after the festival?

A. We can arrange this, but you will need to pay for shipping and handling

Q. When should I schedule my exhibition?

A. The dates for Associated exhibitions are 8 May onwards and exhibitions must have commenced by 18 May (they can finish after 18 May). Please consult with us before scheduling an opening or any other event as we are trying to minimise clashes and give all exhibitors the best possible experience. No opening events or artists talks before 9 May will be promoted in the festival program. Other events such as workshops need to be pre-approved by Head On.

Q. Do I need to have an ‘opening’ of my exhibition?

A. No, you do not need to have an opening event, but if you would like one, you must coordinate the date with Head On, and it needs to be between 9-18 May. Some artists choose to have closing parties instead. You must check with Head On before committing to a date.

Q. I understand that I can’t show at both a group show and an individual unless I’ve submitted two bodies of work. I’ve only submitted one body of work, so I just wanted to clarify how it works?

A. Some exhibitors have an image in the Head On Photo Awards (group shows) and a solo exhibition. You may request to be considered for a group show and explore the possibilities for a solo show, but ultimately you will need to choose group or solo.

Q. Do you have a category in which selected photographers are exhibited in venues secured by HeadOn or in which HeadOn covers or subsidises the cost of printing and framing etc?

A. Applicants follow a general submissions process. Our selection panel reviews the work and then recommends an exhibition category. Head On subsidises services for all exhibitors and all exhibitors are asked to contribute no matter which category. Head On manages and curates the exhibitions to be shown at Head On secured venues but doesn’t cover all of the costs.  

Q. Do you have any policy to assist the International participants in obtaining a visa to Australia – if one decides to participate in the opening program? If so, how will it be done, and what is involved in that?

A. We can send you a letter stating that your work was accepted for exhibition at the festival but we can’t arrange visas for participants. Your best source of information regarding visas would be

Q. What are the specifications of each photo entry such as the dimensions, framing etc.

A. This depends on the exhibition space and your preferences. Head On does not require work to be framed.

Q. Will there be a possibility to sell our images? If so, how could that happen?

A. Generally, yes, you can offer your work for sale. Again, it depends on the exhibition space you choose as the staff there will need to manage the sales for you.

Q. What does “Once your fee is paid, start looking for a suitable exhibition space; please notify Head On before you confirm any dates “ mean?

A. The registration fee is due on Friday 5 October. You should start looking for a venue as soon as possible. Associated exhibitions should not open before 8 May and you will need to confirm with Head On a date for an opening or any other event. See Q. above

Q. The registration fee is fully refundable if I notify Head On in writing by 15 February 2019?

A. If you do not have an exhibition in Head On Photo Festival, we will refund in full the registration fee if you notify us in writing by 15 February 2019.

Q. What does the registration fee include?

A. The registration fee of AUD$250 goes towards the following services (Head On subsidises the full cost):

  • – Design, printing and distribution of the A5 printed program; each associated exhibition has a quarter page including an image in this: 10k copies distributed around Sydney
  • – Creating and hosting on  a webpage that is dedicated to your exhibition
  • – Negotiating discounts on your behalf with service providers such as printers, curators and hotels
  • – Opportunity to place postcards/flyers in a key Festival venue
  • – Helpdesk and general administration
  • – Promotion of Head On Photo Festival via:
    • – Head On Photo Festival EDM’s
    • – Head On Photo Festival social media
    • – Head On Photo Festival website
    • – PR agency contracted by Head On Photo Festival
  • – On-line program/calendar/blog (

Q. Does the festival take place in a specific area and should I be looking for gallery spaces within or close to this area?

A. The festival takes place all over Sydney, and the main areas are Paddington, Darlinghurst and Sydney CBD.

Q. Could you please advise on how I may go about securing sponsorship? Does Head On provide any sponsorship or funding for chosen artists? What are the rules and guidelines for applying for sponsorship?

A. We have a sponsorship policy that is available on request; you will need to discuss potential sponsors with us to make sure that there is no conflict with Head On Photo Festival sponsors. Head On subsidises services for the artists to give them the best opportunity to be part of the festival.

Q. If I am not able to secure funding, is there any other way to be included in the festival?

A. Group shows are a good option; you can register your interest for that. You can also submit work to the Head 

A list of potential galleries (only visible if you are logged in and have paid your registration)