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Terms and Conditions

Exhibitors for Head On Screens at the Festival Hub 2019

(excluding the Head On Photo Awards)

Oct – 2018

A. Introduction

  1. The Exhibitor can be:
    1. The exhibiting artist of a solo exhibition
    2. The contact artist for a group of exhibiting artists
    3. A representative organising an exhibition on behalf of the exhibiting artist/s such as independent curator or curator/staff member at an exhibition space
  2. The exhibitor has the right to exhibit the proposed images
  3. Exhibitors may exhibit more than one show (or take part in a group show) during the festival providing:
    1. The work is not from the same series
    2. The work was submitted to Head On for consideration and
    3. Each exhibition has been approved in writing by Head On Photo Festival
  4. The Exhibitor warrants that all works submitted are original works created by the Exhibitor and /or artists they are representing, and that such works do not infringe any third party’s copyright, other intellectual property rights, moral rights or rights to privacy, and are not defamatory or otherwise in breach of any law. The Exhibitor agrees to indemnify Head On Foundation Ltd and Head On Photo Festival for any possible loss or legal action against it
  5. Copyright in any works submitted will remain the property of the artist.
  6. Exhibitors agree that their images may be reproduced in any marketing and promotion of their work and of Head On Photo Festival and included in the festival’s printed program, exhibition catalogue(s), limited edition postcards and on the Head On Photo Festival website. Such use may be in any media whatsoever. Head On Photo Festival will use its best endeavours to credit the photographer whenever their image is used. Head On Photo Festival will endeavour not to crop images whenever these images are used
  7. Use of personal information
    1. Each Exhibitor acknowledges and agrees that they will provide personal information (such as their name, address, telephone number and email address) to Head On Photo Festival. This personal information will be dealt with in accordance with Head On’s Privacy Policy
  8. Head On is entitled to exclude or remove from the 2019 Festival any Exhibitor (and their exhibitions) who has submitted false information or who does not comply with all terms and conditions set out by Head On
  9. All terms and conditions may be updated at Head On’s discretion


B. Exhibitors

  1. Exhibitions will be screened on a continuous loop daily at the Festival Hub 4-19 May 2019 as part of a video compiled of the work of several artists
  2. A registration fee of AUD$165 is payable to Head On by Friday 12 October 2019 (see Appendix A)
  3. Exhibitor must send a complete video clip according to the dates and specifications outlined in Appendix A
  4. The Exhibitor will provide the images and information according to the timeline set out in Appendix A
  5. The Exhibitor will only exhibit work from the body of work or project accepted into Head On Photo Festival (Images from the same body of work that were not part of the original submission can be included in the exhibition)
  6. If music is used, you must have cleared the copyright (you should obtain a licence to use the sound track)
  7. The Exhibitor cannot change the curatorial content of the exhibition. Any substitutions, changes or variations to the original submission must be approved in writing by Head On Photo Festival by Friday 25 January 2019
  8. Head On Photo Festival reserves the right not to include an exhibition that includes images that are not approved by Head On Photo Festival, at its absolute discretion
  9. Any work accepted into the festival may not be exhibited in Sydney between 1 November 2018 and the opening of Head On Photo Festival 2019 unless agreed to in writing by Head On Photo Festival
  10. The Exhibitor will NOT exhibit the work accepted into Head On Photo Festival 2019 in more than one Sydney location (whether as part of the 2019 Festival or not) during May 2019 unless approved by Head On Photo Festival by Friday 25 January 2019
  11. The Exhibitor can exhibit in more than one exhibition of Head On Photo Festival 2019 providing each exhibition was individually approved by Head On
  12. The Exhibitor may submit images included in an exhibition submission that has been accepted into Head On Photo Festival 2019 to the Head On Photo Awards
  13. The Exhibitor will coordinate all promotion with Head On and Head On’s PR team
  14. Publicity including media releases must be coordinated with Head On
  15. The Exhibitor must apply to Head On to run any educational activity such as workshops symposiums etc. or any activities charging money from participants and not schedule any such events without written approval from Head On (application form available on request)
  16. Head On reserves the right to remove from the program any event associated with the Exhibitor and/or the exhibition that has not been pre-approved and coordinated with Head On
  17. The Exhibitor will be responsible for providing Head On with current/updated information to Head On such as names and contact details of artist/s

C. Promotion of the exhibition

  1. Head On Photo Festival must be acknowledged in all promotional material (including social media) produced by the Exhibitor
  2. The full name of Head On Photo Festival (i.e. not Head On, Head On Photography Festival, Head On Festival etc.) should be used
  3. Promotional material produced by the exhibitor to promote the exhibition must include the logo provided by Head On Photo Festival unless otherwise agreed upon in writing
  4. The Head On logo must also be included on the exhibition statement, room notes and other printed or online collateral related to the exhibition
  5. All Exhibitors must submit proposed marketing material to Head On Photo Festival for approval four weeks prior to the Exhibitor requiring its usage
  6. All uses of Head On Photo Festival’s logo must be approved before printing or distribution
  7. Any PR representatives of the artists should coordinate promotion with Head On Photo Festival
  8. See Appendix B of this document for promotion provided by Head On

D. Sponsorship

  1. The Exhibitor can apply for in-kind and/or cash sponsorship from third parties according to Head On’s sponsorship policy available on request from Head On
  2. Without a Head On approved sponsorship proposal, Exhibitors cannot:
    1. Refer to Head On or Head On Photo Festival in any discussions with or in documents distributed to potential sponsors
    2. Offer benefits to sponsors including logo placements
    3. Represent Head On or be perceived to representing Head On
    4. Use Head On’s logo anywhere or in any form without the written permission of Head On

Appendix A





Friday 12 Oct 2019

Deadline to pay registration fee $AUD165

Fri 25 Jan 2019

Deadline to request change of images for exhibition

Email request to [email protected] 

Fri 25 Jan 2019*** to

Fri 15 Feb 2019

Supply content for Head On Screens web page

Information to be provided closer to the due date

Fri 25 Jan 2019

Send a complete video to Head On, specs are:

  • 1920x1080p
  • MPEG4
  • h.264 codec
  • Maximum 10 minutes in length

Zipped file sent via a web-based transfer service e.g. wetransfer or via Dropbox

Fri 22 Feb –Fri 22 March 2019

Head On will request changes (if any)

Email/phone call from Head On

Fri 3 May 2019

Launch of Head On Photo Festival


Sat 4 May 2019

Featured exhibitions and events of Head On Photo Festival 2019 commence


Sun 19 May 2019

Head On Photo Festival closes



*The time line may be updated at Head On’s discretion
**We may need to schedule other calls
***Head On may request high resolution images and/or more images for marketing purposes

Appendix B

Benefits for Exhibitor

The not-for-profit Head On Photo Festival is one of the world’s leading photography festivals, attracting critical acclaim and extensive publicity. The Head On team works year round on project management, infrastructure, promotion, marketing, sponsorships necessary to present hundreds of artists with the opportunity to show their work to a global audience through the annual Head On Photo Festival.

The Head On team endeavours to assist all exhibitors where possible; for example by negotiating discounted services from preferred suppliers and subsidising Head On services (coordination/project management, promotion, website, program etc.)

Benefits to all exhibitors

  • – Inclusion in the Head On Photo Festival 2019 program
  • – Helpdesk and general administration
  • – List of service providers providing a discount to Head On Photo Festival exhibitors e.g. printers, framers
  • – Promotion of the exhibition (including  design, production and implementation) via
    • – Exhibition webpage (
    • – Printed program
    • – Opportunity to place postcards / flyers in a key Festival venue
  • – Promotion of Head On Photo Festival via:
    • – Head On Photo Festival EDM’s
    • – Head On Photo Festival social media
    • – Head On Photo Festival website
    • – PR agency contracted by Head On Photo Festival
    • – On-line program/calendar/blog (

Extra benefits to exhibitors for Head On Screens at the Festival Hub 2019

  • – Promotion of the exhibition (including  design, production and implementation) via:
    • – The 2019 Festival A5 printed program listing all artists
    • – e-news/blog/online calendar
  • – Exhibition management advice when required covering:
    • – Curatorial input by Head On Photo Festival Creative Director Moshe Rosenzveig OAM in consultation with the artist
    • – Equipment to run screening
    • – Pre-production work such as resizing
    • – Installation, de-installation
    • – Administration
  • – Networking events including a Head On Dinner
  • – Ticket to Head On Seminar (if programmed for 2019)
  • – Opportunity to give an artist talk during the festival
  • – Opportunity to sell books on consignment at a key Festival venue (shipping of books to and from the venue is not included)


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Head On Photo Awards 2024

Entries to the Head On Photo Awards 2024 open in May/June.

Image detail: Gary Ramage