Photographer Image Title
Aaron Bradbrook Tim Grayburn, Adelaide (From The Series The Working Class) 2015
Adam D Scarfo Content Hardship
Alana Holmberg Bahar, 2015
Alex Weltlinger Billie
Alex Wisser In the fields of dissapointment
Alina Gozina  Black Panther Woman -Marlene Cummins 
Alistair Brown Arlow, Digby & tree at Bindango
Amy Crawley Suburban Endurance – Chantelle
Anastasia Trahanas Simon Dell – Albino Man
Andrew Kovalev Marika
Anna Fawcus Mixed Emotion (M.E.)
Annette An-Jen Liu Family Portrait 
Bill Gekas Air
Brett Canet-Gibson Happy as Larry
Candice Goldsmith Grenade
CJ Taylor Ride Forever Zebra
Craig George The Carnival is over
Dafna Tal Sisters praying, The Church of Saint Alexander Nevsky, Jerusalem. 2014
daniel grant natasha
Daniel Halasz The Pearl of Africa
Dasha Riley Girl with a Basket of Fruit
David-Ashley Kerr Siena
Debra Livingston Family Portrait with iPad
Eva Turek-Jewkes Roz
Ebony Finck  Untitled #1
Emma Murray Uncle Jack at Marios
Fulvio Bugani Shinta Ratri
garrie maguire Zhang JuJin’s Parents
George Mifsud Naimh as Queen Elizabeth I of England
Harold David The Lucky Country
Helen Couchman Muna from the ‘Omani Women’ series (#152)
Helga Dalla Faith
Héloïse Bergman Rokit Girl
Herman Nicholson Dawn Anthony (jazz singer)
Ilan Wittenberg Attitude
Jaime Travezan and Morgana Vargas Llosa Seamen
Janet Tavener The Lino Hunter
John Dobson Recurring Dream
John Tsiavis Clairy Browne
Jon Reid Lucinda
joseph McGlennon WALL 0.2
Josh Evans Glenn McGrath
Karoliina Paatos Jette (Sister’s Birthday)
Kelly Tyack the wings. girl 
Kevin cooper Local Lady of Pashnapath, Kathmandu, Nepal
Kristie Dutt Robbie
Kristina Hoksbergen Kylie
Lachlan Woods Lifesaver 1
Lauren Horwood sisters
Lee Nutter Bri
Lee-Marie Sadek How they made me an alien
Lesley Turnbull We, the Romantics (2015 – )
Lora Moore-Kakaletris Andreas
Manuel Armenis The Godfather
Marc Pricop Nan
Maria-gracia Inglessis Doña Hilda
Mark Lehn Lepa Lepa
Mertim Gokalp Last supper with bearded bakers of Knafeh
Micha Ende Treasure Hunter Lucas
Michael Duff Ebola Graveyard
Mick Bell Brett and Blacky
Miguel Ángel Sánchez Hararah
Miles Standish Sisters
Natalie McComas Enler
Nick Chiarizia Behind the Screen
Nicola Dracoulis Fostin outside his Mum’s, Kings Park, Melbourne 2015
Nicole Paulsen Elyssa
Nicole Wells The Fantastic Miss Fox
Olga Nebot Pamela
Pam Kleemann Nadege, Congo-Brazzaville
Peter Solness Survivors of the Kinchela Boys Home 
Peter West Chemotherapy
Peter Whyte Artist Lucienne Rickard
Raoul Slater Postes
Ronan Guillou Alicia
Ruth Maddison Shikha and Louie, Newtown
Ruth McDowall Mairama
Sacha Sutherland Snow Queen
Sandra Chen Weinstein Molly
Sarah Barker Like mother, like daughter.
Sarah Long Abdo, The Beirut Barber
Scott Murphy The Boss
Sean McDonald Talib, 40, Harlem, NYC
Sharon Aldrick Netball Family 
Sian Grahl No Direction Home
Simon Deadman Untitled Portrait, York, January 2016
Simonology Unidentified
Sreesailam Pasupula The Boy with Sugar Candy
Stephen Dupont The Old Lady from Havana
Sylvia Liber Broken Dreams
Tammy Law Falling Out
Thom Pierce Patrick Sitwayi & Asive Bingwa – Cofimvaba, South Africa 2015
Thomas Friedrich Schaefer Experiential Space
TIZIANO ORNAGHI disease portrait with rabbit
Tom Ross Paul
Tristan Still Kira
Vanessa van Houten Syaiful
Virginia Ryan Schoolgirls, Grand Bassam, Ivory Coast
Younes Mohammad Motherhood
Zack Helwa Boy With Flag

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