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From Submission to Exhibition


Clarifying the process

Head On Photo Festival is unique in that it provides a platform for both emerging photo artists and estabalished photo artists to exhibit and learn together.

Therefore Head On will always accept submissions from both emerging and established artists, whether they have an exhibition venue lined up or not. Likewise Head On takes expressions of interest from venues with or without secured artists for the period of the festival. In a sense the festival provides a match-making service, finding connection between artist and venue if needed.

From here, Head On Photo Festival determine the exhibitions and artists that sit under the Associated and Featured levels. Once the applicants have been notified, the process of beginning the exhibition preparation and installation begins. Please note that the Primary exhibitions will be decided upon by Head On, and will form the exhibitions covered under the Head On Grant subsidy.

Please see below for a simple outline of the process:

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Head On Photo Awards 2024

Entries to the Head On Photo Awards 2024 are open now. $80,000 prize pool including finalists exhibition.

Image detail: Gary Ramage