Walking with the unknown

Chris Byrnes
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Leave the door open for the unknown, the door into the dark. That’s where the most important things come from, where you yourself came from, and where you will go. Rebecca Solnit A Field Guide to Getting Lost.
As an artist working in the medium of photography the primary references that underpin my practice are the hand-made and the camera obscura. This work was done while in first lockdown. Online cheap dresses represent the body of a victim of domestic violence, women and children who could not escape their violators during restrictions. This work explores that theme through experimental, hand-made camera-less images. I live with the dichotomy of finding beauty in the processes while dealing with such an ugly topic. While some of these works are broken down a little within the medium of photography, I will be completing part two of this project exposing the photographs to both external natural erosion and interventions and man-made devices to cut, tear and partly destroy as the works reach their final condition beyond Head On Photo Festival 2021.

I am obsessively in love with photography: that is real photography found among its history, formative scientific explorative years, experimental, analogue and the human experience of drawing through and beyond photography. My work after formal postgraduate research continues to be underpinned by the phenomena of light and the camera obscura with the majority of images still created in simple cardboard, plastic and timber pinhole cameras. The significant loss of the family matriarch in 2014 found me considering my place in the world and my commitment to art. My mother Eleanor said do what you need to do and leave nothing important undone. I returned to full-time study completing an MFA at the National Art School in 2017. Works have been seen nationally and globally and have won national and international awards or finalist status in Hazelhurst Work on Paper, the Alice Prize, Head On Photo Awards, Julia Margaret Cameron Awards, Ravenswood Art Prize for Women and the Gosford art prize. My work continues to embrace an ‘economy of means’ as a prominent component. Membership includes the Reimagining the Canon Research Group of International Women Artists.
My mantra remains simple
Without light we cannot exist
Without light we have no image
Without an image I cannot exist
I love photography

This event has concluded
Dates: -
Entry Fee: Free

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