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Searching for Aphrodite

Cheryl Newman
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“White foam surrounded the immortal flesh/ And in it grew a girl….from there [she] came/ To Cyprus, circled by the waves” – Hesiod’s Theogony.

The girl came to be known as Aphrodite, the goddess of love and fertility, and her birthplace Cyprus, the island of love. People still come in search of destiny, love and adventure but soon find themselves possessed by Aphrodite’s longing. Amongst the ancient stones and ruins, in bars and nightclubs, they enact their own Greek tragedy.

In my youth, I, too, found myself seduced by the raw energy of the love island. It is a passion that I’ve spent my life searching to rediscover. I am now the observer, older, but not aged, redundant but still needing passion like air.

Searching for Aphrodite investigates a modern romantic myth, depicting a complex emotional narrative of gender, love, and sexuality. The goddess becomes a symbol for the multifaceted label of ‘love’, a gender-fluid and sexually convoluted figure who stands for more than the happily-ever-after end to a romantic myth. This is my search for love, an investigation of my relationship and emotional response to the island.


Please check with the venue for up to date information about COVID-19 restrictions before visiting. 

Cheryl Newman is an artist and independent curator of photography living in London. She recently completed and MA in Photography Arts at the University of Westminster (Distinction) Her personal practice explores her history though archive and family images and the environment of memory. Her work mixes performance, storytelling, fact and fiction, to describe and examine photographic representation. Since graduating her work has shown globally. She is co-curating a show of feminist photography for PHOTO WIENS 2022. Cheryl is also an educator, runs the Dartington Workshops with artist Sian Davey and an ongoing mentor programme in Oslo, Norway.

This event has concluded
Entry Fee: Free
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