Sea and Jewellery

Yoshi Okamoto
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Entry Fee: Free
Exhibition Event:
Official Opening 02/05/2020 3:00 pm

Yoshi Okamoto. An intimate and vulnerable look at the pain and heartbreak caused by lost love.

Is there a case you were taken and that made the, heart left behind?

Is there a case that you killed a heart?

How many times did you shed tears thinking of the person?

Crying feeling is passing, and despair….

I know the best way is running away, but I can’t.

Because you have taken one only my heart.

The people say ” Your are lucky, because you keep, thinking such sweet things,” but still painful things, will not change.

“Immorality” “Lost Love” “Betrayal” ” Jealousy” “Innocent malice”

I just love one person.

Pain in my heart is also personal things, it is an informal documentary.

It is not an event to shake society, it is not a social problem….

It must be some small talkings in dramas or movies, but I want to tell.

It is one series representing tears my heart was left behind.

About my experience and lots of stories with many men and women….

After studying sculpture at university, I joined an advertising agency photography department and hated the company. I felt lost and could never find where I wanted to go, so I followed the wind. I wandered around the world, visiting more than 50 countries. After returning to Japan, I signed an assistant contract with an individual photo office and studied commercial shooting. I learned photography know-how from my boss and he became my mentor. I am interested in photographs that tell the truth that I cannot tell in commercials.

This event has concluded
Entry Fee: Free
Exhibition Event:
Official Opening 02/05/2020 3:00 pm
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