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Pingyao International Photography Festival

Brett Hilder
Dates: -
Location: Pingyao Ancient City, Pingyao, Jinzhong, Shanxi, China
Entry Fee: Free
Genres: Fashion, Landscape, Portrait

It’s touring time!

We’ve been presenting Head On Photo Festival Exhibitions at Pingyao International Photography Festival (PIPF) in China since 2013.

This year, our Creative Director, Moshe Rosenzveig OAM will present three exhibitions: selected 2022 Head On Landscape and Portrait Awards finalists, and Australia + Fashion Photography.

During the festival, the ancient city of Pingyao becomes one large, indoor and open-air photo gallery filled with exhibitions including the works of renowned Chinese and international photographers.

Thousands of visitors flock to PIPF to observe the best in contemporary photography. This fantastic event appeals to those simply interested in the art of photography, to curiosity-driven local residents, and internationally acclaimed visitors.

Read on to learn more about each show.

Head On Landscape Finalists 2022

The Head On Landscape Awards is an internationally acclaimed signature show of Head On Photo Festival, one of the world’s leading photography festivals based in Sydney, NSW.

The finalists push the boundaries of landscape as a visual genre and explore how we navigate the spaces we inhabit and those that exclude us. See last year’s selection here.

‘Sublime Avalon Beach’ by Sally Mayman, 2022 Landscape Awards finalist

Head On Portrait Awards Finalists 2022

The Head On Portrait Award recognises innovative approaches to photographic portraiture. Established in 2004, this leading international competition celebrates the talents of emerging and established contemporary portrait photographers.

The exhibition showcases a diverse range of images that reveal how the traditional notion of portrait has been reinterpreted and expanded. Evocative and emotional, these portraits explore the depth of the human condition. See last year’s selection here.

‘Activist and advocate – Grace Tame’ by Lisa Maree Williams, 2022 Head On Portrait Awards finalist

Australia + Fashion Photography

This group exhibition explores creative ideas beyond preconceived ideas of applied art by showcasing cultural images from the 1970s to recent times.

Exhibiting key works from Australian fashion photographers Brett Hilder, Grant Mathews, Juli Balla, Kent Johnson, Liz Ham, Michele Aboud, and Tony Potts.

Co-curated by Kent Johnson and Moshe Rosenzveig OAM

‘Couch’ by Juli Balla
Dates: -
Location: Pingyao Ancient City, Pingyao, Jinzhong, Shanxi, China
Entry Fee: Free
Genres: Fashion, Landscape, Portrait
© Moshe Rosenzveig OAM

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