Live in Art presents

Xiangjie Peng, Keqing Sun and Ruya Qian
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Selection of work by three contemporary Chinese photographers represented by Live In gallery, Sydney. The exhibition deals themes of self-portraiture, identity and consumption. 

Peng Xiangjie, Twins

We are all of us used to looking at ourselves through a mirror. If we move but a few steps to one side, our reflection immediately disappears, leaving us in our uniqueness, that might sometimes be considered loneliness. In the experience of twins, this mirror is unavoidable, inescapable. It doesn’t matter if they turn their backs, take different paths or leave home. They could even be standing at the two poles, their mental perception of each other and blood bond would always be there.

In “Twins”, Peng Xiangjie wants to capture a moment in time, act as caretaker of this transitory moment, recording a phenomenon that is both real and mysterious. The photographs are no longer narrating individual stories, they’re providing the twins with a small stage to present themselves, to allow more people to appreciate their similarities and their differences.

    – Giulia Pra Floriani, Italy


Ruya Qian, Us                      

I always argue with myself. Sometimes she was…shy and quiet,  

another angry and grumpy, one sensitive and emotional, one numb and cold blooded, one sad and lonely, one timid and useless and one bold and reckless. These sides of me are constantly struggling and fighting with each other. These conflicts can take me to a very dark place. It is time to bring them into the light.  

Self-portraiture is always a complex proposition. How much do you reveal? How truthful can an image be? What mask are you wearing?  

May you and yourselves live happily ever after.  


Keqing Sun, Self-order

It is said that the memory of the fish is only seven seconds. After seven seconds, the fish loses its memory and starts again, abandoning the past to acquire a new future. With the commodification of society, everyone is like a fish with only seven seconds of memory. The next new chase is started again and again. 


Peng Xiangjie focuses on sub-cultural, non-mainstream video recording and conceptual photography. He has successively served as a photographer of Document CHINA Photo Agency and academic and art consultant of the Barn Contemporary Imaging Museum.

Ruya Qian is based in Shanghai, China. Studied in Shanghai Jiaotong University San Francisco Art Institute. Usually working on mediums such as photography, videos, installations and ceramics. Qian’s works have been published and exhibited in many cities in China, Japan and North America.

Keqing Sun studied at the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts and the China Academy of Art. He has had solo exhibitions it the Lushan Art Museum and Beijing Songzhuang Art Museum

This event has concluded
Entry Fee: Free
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