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Life under a pandemic

John Hryniuk
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The goal of this urban photo series was to capture how the pandemic changed the way in which people lived their lives in the city’s urban landscape prior to and during the city of Toronto’s lockdown.

The size and scope of this project grew almost by accident, for, at the beginning of the pandemic, I had initially set out on my bicycle to only take a few shots; however, my inspiration to capture more images grew as I witnessed Toronto’s usual lively energy diminish, and every day met wonderful individuals adapting to their new realities in the city.

From fatigued pilots to colourful characters, I wanted to capture both the real-life challenges of COVID-19, as well as the bright spots. As such, I hoped to convey through the images a variety of emotions, not least of which include isolation, despair, distance, hope, love and resilience.

John Hryniuk (pronounced “her-nick”) is an internationally recognized, award-winning professional photographer based in Toronto, Canada. John is known for bringing out the best in everyone he photographs, with calm professionalism and a unique visual style that reveals the essence of his subjects. His portraits, of everyone from boardroom titans and celebrities to unknown locals and industrial workers, have been praised for revealing humanity in all its diverse, touching and sometimes quirky ways

This event has concluded
Entry Fee: Free
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