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Roger Arnall
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This series of images reflects Roger’s long interest with architecture or FROZEN MUSIC, to use Goethe’s phrase. In inhabiting the natural world, we human beings have always created defined boundaries around ourselves. As soon as we emerged from caves, we began to construct shelters, then walls and fences, hedges and moats around our own spaces.

In seeking to express the architectural equivalence of harmony to dissonance, rubato to staccato, fortissimo to pianissimo, these black and white images explore the form, texture and graphics of surfaces and edges, searching to create a resonant beauty, echoing a deep primeval yearning for the comfort of boundaries.

Roger pursued painting, drawing and music performance in his youth. However, these passions were largely put aside for a career in engineering. As a young engineer he spent many years at the drawing board. Sketching and drawing the 3D built world is part of his DNA and working as an engineer in a creative architectural and interior design office for 25 years gave Roger a love of architectural visual arts. After his retirement Roger realised that photography could fill an artistic gap in his life, allowing him to again become involved in visual expression and communication. Roger enthusiastically pursues various photographic genres.

This event has concluded
Entry Fee: Free
© Rob Johnston

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