A few Legends

Peter Adams
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When I started working on A Few of the Legends thirty-six years ago, I had no idea how such a seemingly simple idea, born during a boozy lunch with a bunch of inebriated photographers, would result in such a fascinating journey.  

Present at that lunch were half a dozen luminaries of photography and, along with the coffees and the after dinner mints, we started playing our own version of Photographic Trivial Pursuit:  The Raising of the Flag at Iwo Jima? The Hindenburg Disaster? The Kent State Massacre? Who made those pictures? We didn’t know, and the idea for A Few of the Legends had its conception.  

However, had I known for example how many miles I would travel (roughly 330,000), or how many rolls of films I would use (perhaps 42,000 negatives), or how many cars I would hire, or flights I would board, or how many crumbling doss houses I would sleep in or, indeed, how many hamburgers I would eat (time constraints often meant fast food was the only option), or what the final financial cost would be… things might have been different! 

During the thirty-six years of field trips to complete A Few of the Legends, I attended 500 fascinating, one-to-one lectures – it was a dream education like no other.

This event has concluded
Dates: -
Entry Fee: Free, donations welcome

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