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The Glen Grant Photography Masterclass Series #3 – Adam Oswell

Organiser: Australian National Maritime Museum
Paid Event
Adam Oswell
This event has concluded
Location: Australian National Maritime Museum, 2 Murray St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia
Entry Fee: $ 45
Presenter(s): Adam Oswell

Adam Oswell – Wildlife Photojournalism Inside the Battle to Save Earth’s Wildlife – Because we cannot care if we do not know

In a world where nature is monetized, biodiversity is in crisis, with many animal and plant species driven closer to extinction every day. Our stories are crucial – the sum of who we are, and photography is a powerful medium to inform and create change. Humans have become the dominate force on earth fundamentally transforming life across the entire planet. In 2005 the global trade in wildlife was estimated to be worth over $6 billion a year, it is now worth up to $23 billion making it one of the largest illicit businesses after drugs and weapons. The rarer the animal, the higher the price and the bigger the profits for the wildlife cartels that control the smuggling networks. Trafficking routes extend from remote national parks and protected areas, where animals are extracted, to major urban centres where they are sold and consumed.

The scale is shocking but it is the long term impact of this destruction on the health of the planet that is becoming critical and the absolute need for action now urgent. Hundreds of millions of years of evolution means every species plays a vital role in the fragile balance of nature.


Adam is an award winning photographer specialising in wildlife conservation and protection issues. His work has appeared in a wide range of media including, Geographical, TIME Magazine, Science, The Guardian, Getty Images, Bloomberg, and National Geographic.

His work has been exhibited at the Leica Gallery London, the World Economic Forum Davos, f³–Freiraum für Fotografie Berlin, Visa pour l’Image festival Perpignan and the Natural History Museum London. In 2021 Adam was awarded Wildlife Photographer of the Year for photojournalism.

Wildlife Photographer of the Year – The Glen Grant Masterclass Series

Capturing the world through a camera lens takes skill and a bit of luck but it also requires a few senses – namely sight, hearing and touch. A keen eye for your subject, audio awareness for any second-by-second changes and a feel for every part of your shutter, zoom and focus. You can save the other two senses for a glass of The Glen Grant whisky.

The Glen Grant is proud to be the Event Partner of the Wildlife Photographer of the Year Masterclass Series at the Australian National Maritime Museum. The Glen Grant Masterclass Series is a four-part content series where we speak to some of the photographers involved in the exhibition about how they capture the world, the wildlife that they chased for the perfect shot and how their tips and advice can help those starting out on their own photography journey.

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